5 Effective Email Marketing Tips For Your Business

Email is the most effective tool for communication in a business. These are 5 effective email marketing tips for any business.

  1. Focus on Subject Line : When one receives an email, first thing recipient see is the subject line. First impression is created by the subject line. Recipient decides whether to open an email by seeing the subject line. Subject line should be appealing and precise, i.e., subject line should express a benefit or value to the customer. Also it shouldn’t contain any spammy words, like offer, free etc...
  2. Include Hyperlinks Towards an Action : Your message body should have limited number of hyperlinks, if you have so many hyperlinks the chances of mail going to the junk mail folder is more. You can have maximum 3 to 4 hyperlinks in a mailer. Each link should call to an action and it should be redirected to the website. The website redirection enhances the possibility of conversion as the target may find more resources to review in website.
  3. Personalize The Email : Always address the person using his first name. Send mail from a real persons id never use general email ids such as info@XYZ.com for an email campaign. This helps to increase the credibility and effectiveness of a campaign.
  4. Include a Disclaimer : Email disclaimer is basically a legal word but this can be used for Email marketing. These are statements prepared for the protection of corporate Emails. To serve marketing process we can add signatures , URl etc… and we need to give a professional image to the disclaimers for attracting new customers and raising of our goodwill to the existing customers as well . Also it should contain an unsubscribe link to meet the standard email marketing policies.
  5. Brand your signature : Branding your signature with social media links and company blogs helps you to get more followers and visitors to your social media pages and blogs. You can use small icon images with a link to follow. This is very effective when we do mass emails for an event.